ranch_2_med_highWelcome to the website of Denis J. Prager and Strategic Consulting Services. It is our hope that you will find this site useful in two ways. First, as a way of learning more about Denis Prager and how he can help your organization function more effectively. Second, as a place to learn about how Dr. Prager, the organizations with which he works, and others think about organizational challenges such as governance, leadership, management, organizational structure and function, organizational integration, program development, and collaboration.

Strategic Consulting Services was founded in 1994 by Dr. Prager as a private consulting practice devoted to enhancing the capacity of organizations to think, plan, and act strategically. With training in engineering and medical science and 40 years of professional experience in government, private contract research, and philanthropy, Dr. Prager brings to his consulting practice an understanding of the challenges facing a diversity of organizations; an analytical mind; the ability to cut through to the essence of organizational issues; and a strategic approach to problem solving.

Dr. Prager and his wife live on a ranch in the inter-mountain region of Montana near Yellowstone. The picture above was taken on the ranch by wonderful French photographers Jean-Louis Klein and Marie-Luce Hubert. It reminds us of the beauty of the natural world in which we live and the many challenges we face in preserving that world and improving the lives of those who inhabit it. It also reminds us of how much we can accomplish if we all pull in the same direction.