Our Clients

Long-Term Relationships

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Princeton, NJ (1994 – ): Projects include:
  • Development and operation of collaborative research programs on the etiology and prevention of substance abuse
  • Development and implementation of initiative on state tobacco policy advocacy
  • Review of Foundation-wide strategic objective and assessment processes
  • Deputy Director, project on the relationship between public health and medicine
  • Initial background research for creation of new public health grants program
The Lemelson Foundation, Portland, OR (1994 – ):

Senior Program Consultant to Board and Executive Director of family foundation interested in promoting invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship among young people.

Christopher Reeve Foundation, Springfield, NJ (1995 – ):

Consultant on operation of a collaborative research consortium on spinal cord injury; strategic planning and program development; and organizational.

Newer Relationships

Mars, Incorporated (2006 – ):

Development of policies and guidelines for operation of corporate scientific advisory mechanism.

The Annenberg Foundation (2005 – ):

Design, facilitation, and follow up to inaugural retreat of Trustees; development of follow-on staff retreat.

Lance Armstrong Foundation, Austin, TX (2004 – ):

Development and operation of a collaborative network of centers of excellence in cancer survivorship research and care

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (2003 – ):

Development of initiative aimed at increasing collaboration among the social and behavioral sciences, between these sciences and the natural sciences, and between academia and the world of practice.

Completed Assignments (Selected)

The Michael Reese Health Trust, Chicago, IL (1996 – 2006):

Senior consultant to the President. strategic planning; program development; grantmaking policies and procedures; board development and operation; conduct of ten-year retrospective.

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, New York, NY (1999 – 2006):

Strategic planning, program development in medical research; facilitator, rapporteur for though leader panels on program effectiveness and institutional review boards. HealthONE Alliance, Denver, CO (2004-5): Consultant to the President and Board of Directors on strategic planning process.

Westport Realty Advisors, West Palm Beach, FL (1999 – 2005):

Development of the conceptual/strategic/operational framework for senior living communities organized around the precepts of healthy aging

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Chicago, IL (1994 – 2004):

Management and oversight of collaborative research network on the molecular biology of parasite vectors.

Healthcare Georgia Foundation, Atlanta, GA (2000 – 2004):

strategic planning; program development; formulation of grantmaking policies and procedures; board development and operation

Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts (1999 – 2004):

Senior consultant to the President and Board of new conversion foundation: strategic planning, program development, governance

Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health, Palo Alto, CA (1997 – 2004):

Senior consultant to the President: strategic planning; program development; grantmaking policies and procedures; board development and operation; staff development.

The J. F. Maddox Foundation, Hobbs, NM (2002 – 2003):

Strategic program and organizational planning for a family foundation supporting educational and economic development in New Mexico.

Archstone Foundation, Long Beach, CA (1995 – 2003):

Strategic planning, priority-setting, governance.

Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation, Chicago, IL (2003):

Strategic planning, program development, Board development of new health foundation.

The California Endowment, Woodland Hills, CA (2001 – 2003):

Board assessments, succession strategies, learning and improvement strategies.

The Chicago Community Trust (2002 – 2003):

Facilitation of the development of a major new collaborative medical research enterprise in Chicago.

The California Wellness Foundation, Woodland Hills, CA (1994 – 2002):

Senior consultant to the President. Strategic planning; board development; staff development; organizational integration; development of Board manual and brief Foundation history.

Center for the Advancement of Health, Washington, DC (1994 – 2002):

Strategic planning, program development, governance; special projects on promoting and facilitating transdisciplinary research.

Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, (2000 – 2001):

Facilitation of Board process of program review and strategic planning

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany (1994 – 2000):

Senior consultant to the Director General of this multi-national molecular biology research laboratory located in Heidelberg, Germany; strategic program planning and implementation.

The Dean Foundation, Madison, WI (2000):

Strategic planning, Board development

David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Palo Alto, CA (1999):

Consultation on integrating evaluation into strategic program development, resource deployment, and performance improvement processes

Alliance Healthcare Foundation, San Diego, CA (1998 – 1999 ):

Governance issues, Board operations

Jewish Healthcare Foundation of Pittsburgh (1997 – 1999):

Project of background research, dissemination, and convening on raising the value of philanthropy

St. Lukes Foundation of Cleveland, OH (1997 – 1998):

Senior consultant to the President of this new conversion foundation: strategic planning; program development; grantmaking policies and procedures; board development and operation

Grantmakers In Health, Washington, DC (1997 – 1998):

Interim President and CEO: provided overall organizational leadership and management for this national association of private grantmakers, during transition from founding to new CEO

The Burroughs Wellcome Fund & The Pew Charitable Trusts (1996 – 1998):

Development, and implementation of major conference of foundations focused on the future of health research

The CDC Foundation, Atlanta, GA (1996 – 1998):

Strategic planning, program development and assessment, organizational policies and procedures

The Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation, Chicago, IL (1996 – 1997):

Program planning and development related to program on the relationship between the military and the media

Hospital Research and Educational Trust, Chicago, IL (1995 – 1997):

strategic planning, program development, organizational management

The Lovelace Institutes, Albuquerque, NM (1994 – 1997):

Chair, scientific advisory committee; consultant to the President and CEO on strategic planning, organizational development, and private fundraising

Open Society Institute, New York, NY (1995):

Program planning and development, and priority-setting related to new program on end of life issues