Perspectives on Philanthropy

Strenghtening Effectiveness and Impacts of Foundations

The following papers express the author’s perspectives on: (i) the essence of effective philanthropy as carried out by organized foundations; (ii) the obligations and responsibilities of, and relationships among, foundation boards, executive managers, and staff; (iii) how foundations should be organized for maximum effectiveness; and (iv) how foundations should relate to their principal partners and constituencies. While these papers are written primarily for foundation insiders, it is hoped that they will also be of interest to policy makers, executive directors of non-profit agencies, fund raisers, and anyone else interested in what philanthropy is all about, and how foundations operate.

Perspectives on Issues in Philanthropy

The following papers express the author’s perspectives on a number of salient issues in philanthropy. They are intended to enliven the debate over philanthropy and how it is practiced in today’s world.